Cheri Taylor is a nationally recognized gospel singer, faith-based author, and women’s ministry speaker.

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As a soloist, Cheri has won three Gospel talent searches and has had considerable national radio airplay with her music. Her latest recording project, Comin’ Out Singin’, just released in March 2022!

Cheri Taylor Ministries is available for Gospel concerts, special music, and keynote speaking for ladies’ events. Cheri speaks from the heart of her own spiritual growth experiences, using humor along the way. It’s her mission to have women know they’re not alone. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, there is hope and joy.

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This is a situation that many have faced, sometimes of their own making and sometimes, not. Either way, everyone in such a situation has the same chance of bringing something positive out of such frightening circumstances.  Often when we are broken, our tendency is to crawl into a corner and lick our wounds.  We run from the only source of true help that is available —our faithful, loving, merciful, forgiving God.  Many people decide to numb the pain with harmful substances, bad behavior, or other destructive choices.  Fortunately, that was not the case with Cheri.

Cheri made the hard choice to work through her pain with the help of her godly family and friends as she sought to resume the pursuit of the calling she had felt for most of her life, a calling that she thought had be stripped away from her.  She learned that God’s promise to be “close to the brokenhearted; [and rescue] those whose spirits are crushed” (Psm. 34:18, NLV) was one that He would keep, just as He had kept all His other promises throughout the years.

​In the pages of this book, you will find the story of how a loving Father takes His broken child and makes something beautiful from the shattered pieces of her life. As you read, remember that what He has done for Cheri, He can — and will — do for you. – Henrietta Brown

Heart Thoughts

Cheri Taylor shares how God showed up for her as she was dealing with depression. Learn how God used Cheri’s weaknesses for the greater good. When we’re at our weakest, He shines the brightest!

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